Home Owner Guide to Asbestos Abatement

Step 1: Determining whether or not you have asbestos on your property.

Sometimes materials that may look like asbestos are not.  A simple and relatively inexpensive test at a certified lab could potentially save you the headache and expense of a full-scale abatement.

Step 2: Hiring a contractor to abate the asbestos on your property.

There are choices when determining what abatement contractor to use.  As a client you need to protect yourself regarding the proper way to handle this hazardous material.  When you meet with a contractor make sure their scope of work includes the following items:

A 10 day MassDEP Asbestos Abatement Notification

An air clearance/visual clearance by an independent licensed asbestos inspector
This item is necessary in most cases but not all; it depends on the type of material that is to be abated

• A Waste Manifest signed by the disposal facility where the material was sent.

If you do not receive any of the above items the responsibility may fall on you as the generator of the waste to prove the material was properly abated and disposed of.

Step 3:  Ask your contractor how the work is going to be performed.

There are specific guidelines in place regulating the removal and disposal of asbestos.  Make sure your contractor is going to adhere to the rules governing asbestos removal; you can find them on the MassDEP website.  Doing the work per the regulations serves to protect the people living at the property.

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